FREE: Mathematics Slope

FREE: Mathematics Slope

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Are you looking for lesson plans and ideas for your special education classroom? This is a free sample lesson taken from the Learning Beyond the Classroom: A Day in Pittsburgh - Multi-Week Lesson Plan Kit available for sale on this site.

This free Mathematics Slope SPED lesson plan is geared towards high school students with intellectual or moderate disabilities who must master Ohio's Learning Standards Extended and take the Alternate Assessment.

Students watch a two minute video clip about the steepest street in the world - Canton Avenue found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - to hook them into the lesson.

Product includes:

  • Lesson Plans (with step-by-step directions and tips for differentiation)
  • Video Clip
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Post-Assessment
  • Notes Handout
  • 3 Practice Handouts
  • Answer Keys

Students learn and use Rise/Run to master the following standard:

Identify the slope of a line when given in graph form.

This lesson can be used over several math classes to help students reach mastery.