Destination: Accessibility! Beyond the Classroom (Digital Download)

Destination: Accessibility! Beyond the Classroom (Digital Download)

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This is the educational edition including 21 lesson plans and other resources for teachers in the classroom. 

You will receive a link to download a zip file containing:

  • The Movie File (.m4v format)
  • Lesson Plans
  • Education Games
  • Interactive Whiteboard Companions
  • Other Resources 

Destination: Accessibility! is a video featuring people with developmental disabilities, for people with developmental disabilities (DD).

The lessons plans related to the Beyond Our Boundaries’ Pittsburgh Virtual Tour have been specially designed to explore Pittsburgh through the eyes of young adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities. Students will take an active role in learning and not just sit back and watch a video! Not only are there multiple lessons in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Art, but plans to bolster independent living and employ-ability skills! Ideas for differentiation to best cater to each individual student have been included in each lesson. In addition, all subjects contain the following components: Pre-Assessments and Post-Assessments, Practice Handouts and Interactive Whiteboard Slides. To best utilize the technological aspects in these lessons, Helpful Hints have been added for the Teacher as short Video Tutorials and Written Directions.

Please note, these lessons align with the Ohio Extended Standards and may closely align with standards for high school students with cognitive and developmental disabilities from other states. These lessons are a fun, creative way to supplement instruction, prepare for the Alternate Assessment, and work towards mastery of various skills!

Video modeling

Video modeling is a unique teaching method that focuses on a targeted behavior or skill that may need to be reinforced. It takes place by watching an informative and visually stimulating video of a person modeling the desired behavior.

Beyond Our Boundaries' Destination: Accessibility! is a video modeling gem! Appropriate sightseeing social skills are modeled from beginning to end in this real-life tour of one of America’s great cities. Viewers can enjoy a stress-free and anxiety-free traveling experience all while watching how to listen to a museum curator respectfully, act friendly towards strangers of all backgrounds and cultures, and dine with manners.

Hosts Bob, an individual with DD, and Melarie provide information about Pittsburgh in a lighthearted and entertaining manner. Moreover, they model a slew of social skills from making eye contact to using hand gestures to asking questions. Hence, the Virtual Tour of Pittsburgh would be a great tool and asset for any teacher preparing her students for a field trip or parent preparing her child for a family vacation!

Pittsburgh Educational Package

Table of Contents


  • Reading Lesson Plans
  • Video Comprehension Questions & Answer Key
  • Speaking & Listening Lesson Plans
  • Teacher Anecdotal Records Form
  • Vocabulary "Pittsburghese" Lesson Plans
  • Vocabulary "Pittsburghese" Pre- & Post- Assessment plus Answer Key
  • Vocabulary "Pittsburghese" Exercises in 2 Versions
  • Writing Lesson Plans
  • Informative/Explanatory Writing Rubric 
  • Opinion/Persuasive Writing Rubric
  • Presentation Rubric
  • English Interactive Whiteboard Companion (Encompasses ALL English Lessons Above)
  • Helpful Hints Video Tutorial for English Interactive Whiteboard Companion


  • Graphing Lesson Plans
  • Graphing Pre- & Post- Assessment plus Answer Key
  • 3 Graphing Practice Handouts plus a Challenge Handout
  • Slope Lesson Plans
  • Slope Pre- & Post- Assessment plus Answer Key
  • 3 Slope Practice Handouts
  • Statistics Lesson Plans
  • Statistics Pre- & Post- Assessment plus Answer Key
  • 3 Statistics Practice Handouts in 2 Versions
  • Mathematics Interactive Whiteboard Companion (Encompasses ALL Mathematics Lessons Above)
  • Helpful Hints Video Tutorial for Mathematics Interactive Whiteboard Companion 


  • Electricity Lesson Plans
  • Electricity Pre- & Post- Assessment plus Answer Key
  • Physics Lesson Plans
  • Energy Pre- & Post- Assessment plus Answer Key
  • Energy Charades Game Cards
  • Friction Pre- & Post- Assessment plus Answer Key
  • Friction Racing Experiment Handout
  • Steel Manufacturing & Minerals Lesson Plans
  • Steel Manufacturing & Minerals Pre- & Post- Assessment plus Answer Key
  • Steel Manufacturing & Minerals Notes & Answer Keys
  • Science Interactive Whiteboard Companion (Encompasses ALL Science Lessons Above)
  • Helpful Hints Video Tutorial for Science Interactive Whiteboard Companion 


  • Contemporary World Issues Lesson Plans
  • Pittsburgh News Handout
  • Pittsburgh Products Handouts (2 Versions) & Answer Key
  • Financial Literacy Lesson Plans
  • Financial Literacy Handouts
  • Shopping Spree Game Instructions, Gameboard & Game Cards
  • Geography Lesson Plans
  • Map Handouts & Answer Keys
  • Pittsburgh Yesterday vs. Today Handout & Answer Key
  • Social Studies Interactive Whiteboard Companion (Encompasses ALL Social Studies Lessons Above)
  • Helpful Hints Video Tutorial for Social Studies Interactive Whiteboard Companion


  • 3 Art Activities 
  • Ketchup Sloppy Joe Recipe (2 Versions)
  • 3 Employability Skills Activities & Handouts 
  • Extensions Interactive Whiteboard Companion (Encompasses ALL Extension Activities Above)
  • Helpful Hints Video Tutorial for Extensions Interactive Whiteboard Companion


  • Additional Resources
  • School to Home Connection Parent/Guardian Letter
  • Helpful Hints for Interactive Whiteboard Companions (ALL SUBJECTS)