About Us

Our Mission

To help people with developmental disabilities, learn, develop friendships, and build an active social life through an interest in learning about and exploring new destinations. 

About Beyond Our Boundaries...

Our family, including myself and my brother Michael, who has autism, had limited travel experiences growing up. As an adult, I’ve worked as a ballroom dance instructor teaching adapted dance to people with disabilities. Most of my students had a limited view of the world outside of family life and work. In 2001, after earning a masters degree in therapeutic recreation, and gaining valuable feedback from dance students, and their families, I started a travel company for people with developmental disabilities, called Beyond Our Boundaries (www.beyondourboundaries.com). Our travelers have enjoyed “Chaperoned Trips of a Lifetime” to locations such as Seattle, Alaska, California, New York, Florida, and England.

About Beyond Our Boundaries Virtual Tours...

After eighteen years of taking groups on trips, and listening to their stories about how meaningful the vacations have been to them, we decided to offer products with the potential to spur an interest in learning about new locations, making friends, and building community involvement for a wider population of youth with cognitive disabilities. We call this “Learning Beyond the Classroom.”

Our Vision

The vision is to see more opportunities created for those with developmental disabilities through education, recreation, and community inclusion.