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Interested in visiting someplace new, anytime you'd like, from the comfort of your own home? With Beyond Our Boundaries Virtual Tours anyone with a developmental disability (Autism, Down syndrome, or other special needs) can experience the thrills of traveling, through the eyes of our tour guide, Bob, an individual with DD! Your trip includes a thirty minute video, plus keepsakes and fun souvenirs from the city/cities you select. Join us! Laugh and learn along with Bob!

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Video Modeling

Our host Bob models positive social interactions and engages in conversations with residents and community leaders in Pittsburgh.  Our video is an effective tool for modeling social skills in action for people with developmental disabilities.

Teachable Moments

Enjoy hands on learning with the video, book, and souvenirs included with the full vacation box. These items directly relate to scenes from the video and provide the opportunity to open discussion and critical thinking.

Group Activities

Watch the video as a family, and enjoy touring with Bob and Melarie while you enjoy your souvenirs.  Or utilize clips from the Pittsburgh tour video as an introduction to group activities with program participants. 

Unboxing The Pittsburgh Virtual Tour Box