Great Gift Idea for People with Down Syndrome

Having a developmental disability doesn’t mean you can’t experience new places and activities. It certainly hasn’t stopped Bob and his friends from traveling, meeting people and experiencing the culture of their favorite cities! Now you can see the world through the eyes and ears of Bob, our enthusiastic and adventuresome travel guide.
Taking a Virtual Tour with Bob allows you to experience the thrills of travel from the comfort of your own home. Beyond Our Boundaries Virtual Tours provides a high quality video with local flair and city-specific souvenirs, packaged in your very own vacation box. You'll feel like you are there!

Today, we are featuring Pittsburgh!

Virtual Tour Video

Bob and friends will take you on a fun-filled tour of Pittsburgh, including views from the top of the incline and many of Pittsburgh's famous bridges. Reminisce about the magic of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, laugh and learn at the Carnegie Science Center and watch an expert chef create those "almost famous, always a favorite" sandwiches at Primanti Brothers. Yum! Finally, set sail with Bob and his friends on the Gateway Clipper. What fun!

Pittsburghese Book

Did you think it was funny the way Bob and his co-host pronounced certain words? Well, now you can learn to talk like they did, with your very own Pittburghese language guide.


As you collect different Virtual Tour vacation boxes, you'll accumulate pins from the various destinations. Attach your pins to your lanyard, (or ask someone to help you attach them), so you can wear it around your neck and tell your friends and family about all of the exciting places you have explored.

Ketchup & Pickle Pins

Fun souvenirs for you to pin to your lanyard and remind you of your visit to the Heinz History Center. The pickle pin that was first seen at the 1893 World's Fair will now be seen on you!


Carry your books, groceries, or anything else you need, while remembering your Beyond Our Boundaries Virtual Tours trip to Pittsburgh!

Unboxing Pittsburgh Virtual Tour Box