Our Roots

Beyond Our Boundaries, based in Ohio, was founded in 2001, by Debra Shumard, who has a brother with autism; Debra is also a CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Therapist). Beyond Our Boundaries, offers "Chaperoned Trips of a Lifetime", and provides adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to travel with peers, and enjoy a vacation with the amount of supervision and guidance they need. Our vacation locations include, among others, California, Florida, New York, Boston, and Niagara Falls. Activities include shows, museum tours, baseball games, Disney parks, cruises, and much more!

Our Heart

Our travelers cherish the experience of a vacation…the sightseeing, the souvenirs, and the memories, including photos and friends. It is our mission to help connect our travelers with peers, and encourage friendships to develop.

Our Plans

While Beyond Our Boundaries serves over 207 travelers annually, we cannot reach beyond our geographical area of northeast Ohio. We’ve realized that some may never have the funds to enjoy a vacation, and others may not continue to experience the level of health needed to withstand travel. This is how we decided to offer products through Beyond Our Boundaries Virtual Tours. The video, A Day in Pittsburgh, is hosted by Bob, one of our seasoned travelers who is a life-long learner and a self advocate! Bob guides you through a vacation experience chosen for you by the Beyond Our Boundaries team. We hope you enjoy the experience, and stay tuned for Bob’s future tours of more exciting cities!